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Mirrow & Wall lamps Lothar Klute


Lothar Klute, Germany 1981


A set consisting of a wall mirror and two wall appliques. Lothar Klute designed these pieces in Brutalist style in the early 1980s. Klute a German Designer created elegant Brutalist furniture combining bronze and glass.
One of the wall lamps is signed: L. KLUTE 81

The mirror has no signature. See also the photo, which is marked with an arrow. The base of all pieces is a casting of bronze with embedded glass. The glass part of the appliques can be lifted off so that the base can be mounted on the wall. Each wall lamp has one socket. Everything is in fine original condition.
Dimension of the mirrow frame: diameter 53,5 cm / 21 in. depth 5 cm / 1.97 in
Dimension of the mirrow itself: diameter 38 cm / 14,96 in
Dimension of the wall lamp: diameter 24 cm / 9,45 in, depth 8 cm / 3,15 in